Jacobite Highlander Culloden Moor, 1746

This is a medium (scale 1:12) bust from Heroes and Villains Miniatures (ref. [1]) that portraits a Jacobite Highlander (ref. [2]). I am not fey happy with the face, I think I did the same mistake as the previous bust and used too many layers of colour, although they are thin. The real challenge here has been, of course, the tartan and the texture. It's really a nightmare painting so many line and squares and their shadows and lights, but overall I am happy the way it ended up! [ngg src="galleries" ids="18" display="pro_blog_gallery" border_color="#dd9933"] References[1] - http://www.heroesvillainsminiatures.com/product/jacobite-highlander-culloden-moor/[2] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobite_rising_of_1745

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