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Trumpeter 2nd Rgt. Lancers of the Guard

This is the last figurine for 2018 and I can say it’s been really challenging both from the painting and assembling perspectives. The figurine is a 90mm one and represents a Trumpeter 2nd Rgt. Lancers of the Guard (ref [1]). This is my first figure of this type and as I said it’s quite difficult.

The first challenge was the face. Sometimes I want to test different brands of colours (I typically use Vallejo and Andrea) and this time I tried the Scale 75 but found they are too sticky for me, so I decided to use oil colours for the first time (I mean, not for the armour as I did in the past). I tried the Oilbrusher by Ammo of Mig. Overall I am rather happy, but not so much as I noticed these colours dry too quickly. I think they are better to paint tanks and things like that… However, I am now motivated to try the “real oil colour” on a bust and I am planning to use the Abteilung 502 ( which are manufactured for modellers and I have read very good reviews.

The real nightmare here was the HUGE number of straight lines I had to paint almost everywhere, but I am rather happy with the final outcome. It was also my first time with golden gallons. I think I messed them up a bit as I used different types of colours. Eventually I used the Vallejo Metal Color which look very promising and I am planning to use them more often in the future.

I am also happy with the shades of red and white, I think I am slowly learning to properly glaze the surfaces, although I am aware I still have to improve and that glazing results also depend on the specific hues.

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