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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) – Final

This is the final part of this WIP and this time it was easy, I simply painted the halberd and glued the parts together. To paint the shaft I used the Brown Set from Andrea Colours using glazes of different shades. The job was easy thanks to the wood grain of the cast. I also added some dark brown/black glazes in the wood parts closer to the metal part in order to simulate the dirty areas. For the metal parts I used, again, the Vallejo Metal Colours which I strongly suggest to anyone. As previously, I started with the Steel,…

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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p3

Ok, I did it! The biggest challenge for this bust was the heraldry. As I said in a previous post, I decided to replicate the box art which shows a geometric pattern and a sort of shining sun, and this is for both the front and the back of the cloth. I started with the "simplest", that is the geometric pattern. I discovered that to paint freehand drawings, especially in surfaces which are not flat, the key is to create some reference points first, then draw a stylised version of the shape and finally adding the details. Below you can…

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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p2

Some progress on painting my man at arms. I painted the torso composed of a bi-colour clothing over an armour and series of belts around the armour. The armour has been painted using the Vallejo Metal Colour, starting with a Steel base and the lights with steel+silver and just silver for the maximum lights. For the shadows I have used the Magnesium which is very dark. The cloth is a standard one, I used Andrea Ivory and for the red I used the AK Red Emblem which is a hue I like a lot. I took some snapshots with my…

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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p1

New year, new paint work and decided to kick start 2019 with a bust of "La Meridiana Miniatures" named "Uomo d'Arme Sforzesco" ( which represents a man at arms of the Sforza family (Milan, Italy) in the second half of the XV century. The primed bust has been sitting on my desk for a long time, but yesterday I started the paint work starting, as usual, from the face. I used the Andrea acrylic colours from their paint set, starting with the brighter base flesh tone, then I added multiple glazes with brighter and darker colours to create lights and…

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Hello World!

Hi and welcome to my web site! If you have an IT programming background, you may be familiar with the "Hello World"" simple sentence, as printing this statement is typically the first example used to show how the programming language works. As I do have an IT programming background, I decided to leverage on this example to kickstart my own web site dedicated to the small world of historical miniature painting, which is my other big passion. The goal of this web site is to share my experiences around this beautiful world, so the primary focus is about my paint works and…

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