Hello World!

Hi and welcome to my web site! If you have an IT programming background, you may be familiar with the “Hello World”” simple sentence, as printing this statement is typically the first example used to show how the programming language works.
As I do have an IT programming background, I decided to leverage on this example to kickstart my own web site dedicated to the small world of historical miniature painting, which is my other big passion.

The goal of this web site is to share my experiences around this beautiful world, so the primary focus is about my paint works and work in progress (WIPs), but I am also going to collect reference materials like documents, photos, tips and links I collect from the internet and make this stuff available to you all.

You may have noticed that the first post dates back to January 2017. The reason is that I actually started painting historical miniatures in that month, but I preferred to wait some time before starting sharing my works. In creating this web site, I also wanted to keep track of my “painting history” just to look back and hopefully see a progress, so I decided to “time stamp” the posts according to the date I completed my miniatures.

Miniature painting does require time, but this is just a hobby which I can practice when I have some free time. This means that posts about my paint jobs will not be much regular, but I am planning to add other content which I already have and other content that I may find in browsing the internet.

Thanks and enjoy this web site!