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The Guardian – WIP p1

Time for a new WIP (Work In Progress) and this is about the “The Guardian” – Medieval Knight XIII a.C. of BestSoldiers.
This is a resin bust whose scale is not reported on the box, but I would say it’s 1:10.

I really like the overall posture and above all the proud look of the Guardian’s face the sculptor has been able to represent.
As a medieval knight of the XIII century, I could use any coat of arms of that period, but I decided to stick to the choice of the box art painter Sergey Popovichenko as that’s really nice and it also represent a nice painting challenge.

After a bit of investigation, I discovered (again, no references provided by the vendor) the heraldry is the one of Charlemagne ( and here you can see some of the coat of arms attributed to this Holy Roman Emperor.
Actually I have not yet decided exactly the heraldry variant to paint, although I am looking at the one in the picture on side…
we’ll see…

Charlemagne coat of arms (just one of the many…)

In the mean time, take a look at the photos below which show the current stage of painting.
So far I considered complete the chainmail (easy) and the face.
The next step is about the arms.

Ok, see you next time. Feel free to provide any feedback, suggestion or request using the comments.