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Landsknecht Bust (Castle Miniatures)

This is a Landsknecht bust (200mm sckae) produced by Castle Miniatures (I think it’s no more in the business) and … yet another beautiful pose miniature! 

I used the mixed acrylic-oil technique, starting with preshading in acrylic using the airbrush. The more I use oil colors, the more I like them since colors are vibrant and create very nice shades.

In this case I decided to use oil colors to paint the florant texture on the orange fabric. Freehand painting always includes errors and, although it’s possible to correct errors in acrylic, I realised it’s much easier to correct mistakes using oil colors, since it’s a matter of using a paint brush dipped into the solvent (very few…).

So, I had a lot of fun in painting this piece and I have a few more landsknechts in my gray army, both busts and figurines.