Hi, my name is Luciano Veronese and I live in Padua, Italy (about 30km far from Venice which is certainly more popular…)

I have quite a few passions/hobbies including playing with microelectronics, programming (embedded and recently the web front development), photography, cooking, running and biking and… painting historical miniatures.

I have been passionate with historical miniatures for a very long time, but only started actively practicing this fantastic hobby from the beginning of 2017.

I have no preferred historical period, but I don’t like at all the modern era, that is I don’t paint anything about the 20th century.

About the scales, again, I have no specific preferences and I paint from 54mm to 90mm figures as well as busts with scales 1:16 and 1:10 or 1:9.

So, after two years since the beginning of my painting adventure, I decided to build a website to both document and share my works.

Due to time reasons, I will likely publish just the final paint job as I prefer to show pictures with a .decent quality. However, quality requires controlled light conditions and some tools. Taking pictures of such mini things is a bit challenging. I use a mini lightbox with a black background, some lights, a macro lens (100mm focal length) and of course a tripod.

Occasionally I will take pictures of my WIPs (work In Progress) using my cell phone camera, but the photo quality will not be great…

In designing this web site, I also took the opportunity to create my own logo and this is the final outcome:

Horizontal Black
Circle Black

Logos should have a meaning and in my case they represent the main 3 Passions I have: Painting, Programming and Photography. The logo is a combination of the number 3 and the letter P. Around the logo there is a frame or circle with an arrow which means the passions are joined together and I move from one to the other.