Europe, 11th century – 13th century

French Knight XIVc

Yet another figurine by Pegaso Models, althought this piece was never officially sold in the retail market, since it was given as a gift along with the subscription of the french magazine "Figurines" (no more published). The scene is not scratch built, but I don't remember the manufacturer... I also loved to paint the heraldry on the shield and the vest.

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Richard the Lionheart

This is a mini-bust that was manufactured by Lab-54. Another test of oil colors, including the heraldry. I am not much happy with the outcome of face, still lot to learn...  

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Templar Knight

I am back, after a 2 years break due to other priorities. Hopefully I will be able to paint more regularly... So, this is an old figurine by Pegaso Models named "Templar Knight", 54mm scale. This is also the first time I am using a mixed acrylic-oil technique which I dedided to start adopting. Oil colors are really great to paint nice shades and colors look more natural, at least to me...    

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The Guardian – Final

This is the final post on the project and it's about painting the shield. As I said in the previous post, I decided to stick to the original box art which is very nice and shows the Charlemagne coat of arms. I begun painting the field with two colours, using a desaturated yellow and a desaturated blue which I obtained mixing a grey into the yellow and blue. I created some "effects" to simulate an old shield using a small piece of sponge (the one of the miniature boxes...) which I dipped into the paint, unloaded a bit on a piece of paper and then using the sponge to stipple the surface. This method is quite powerful and I am…

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The Guardian – WIP p1

Time for a new WIP (Work In Progress) and this is about the "The Guardian" - Medieval Knight XIII a.C. of BestSoldiers. This is a resin bust whose scale is not reported on the box, but I would say it's 1:10. I really like the overall posture and above all the proud look of the Guardian's face the sculptor has been able to represent. As a medieval knight of the XIII century, I could use any coat of arms of that period, but I decided to stick to the choice of the box art painter Sergey Popovichenko as that's really nice and it also represent a nice painting challenge. After a bit of investigation, I discovered (again, no references provided…

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Saxon Huscarl, Hastings, 1066

This is a small bust (1:16 scale) by FER Miniatures who represents a Saxun Huscarl ( during the Battle of Hastings in 1066 ( This bust is nice and quick to paint as it's rather small. I just want to highlight the texture of the cape which I tried to reproduce by using a technique similar to the dry brush, but with more colour and using a simple stippling. [ngg src="galleries" ids="16" display="masonry"]

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Frederick II

This is one of my favorite figurines, and portraits Frederick II of Swabia (,_Holy_Roman_Emperor). This is an old 90mm miniature from Pegaso Models, but this is undoubtedly a classic. I think I improved a bit my technique about painting shades and lights for both white and red hues. The chain mail is not painted, that is I leveraged on the white metal and oil colours to paint the shadows. The red cross and the eagle on the shield are bass-relief, so they are easier to paint and the 3D effect is nice. The shadows over the eagle are painted with oil colours. The gloves have been painted using the Quickshade colours by Army Painter, starting from a beige surface and…

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