From 1750 to 1945, including Industrial Revolution (18th-19th c.), Napoleonic Era (1799–1815), Victorian era (1837–1901)

English Grenadier 18th Foot – 1751

Very popular miniature from Romeo Models, the English Grenadier 18th Foot – 1751, 75mm scale. It's indeed a very nice model to paint, since it's a lot of details, like the hat. The painting technique is what is now my standard process, that is the mixed acrylic-oil. Of course, to remove the satin/glossy effect that often oil colors are about, at the end I spray a super matt varnish (by AK) with the airbrush.  

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French Zouave

Yes another great bust in 200mm scale, the French Zouave Regiment in 1914 by Life Miniatures. Still acrylic-oil mixed technique, but this time I used a lot both the pre-shading with the primer and the airbrush to sketch the first shades with the acrylic color. I must say that using the airbrush is really cool and it's also super precise, although I was initially skeptical. I think I will start using the airbrush on a regular basis, since it creates a very nice base color for oil painting. Overall, I have vey happy for the final outcome. 

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Caporal de Tambour

This is another "tutorial figurine" I decide to paint to make practice. This miniature is part of the Metal Modeles introductory package available here This package is quite nice as it includes some tools to clean up the model parts as well as the colours and paint brushes to paint the figurine. I am not very happy with the final results, but the way to learn is quite long... [ngg src="galleries" ids="23" display="pro_mosaic"]

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My first bust! This piece has been manufactured by Masterclass, but it has never been sold. This is actually a "mini bust" , that is its scale is about 1:24 [ngg src="galleries" ids="8" display="masonry"]

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