The Napoleonic era is a period in the history of France and Europe that goes from 1799 to 1815

French Imperial Guard Grenadier

After my previous 54mm, another bust and this is a big one and definitely a classic: the French Imperial Grenadier by Young Miniatures ( Overall I am very happy and I enjoyed a lot painting this bust. This time I tried also a new brand for the golden parts: the Maimeri Acrylic Light Gold ( I used this colour for both the golden plate on the "bearskin" (the typical tall fur cap of the grenadiers), the buttons and the epaulettes (take a look at this nice glossary and in my view this looks very realistic, so I am planning to use it also in the future (I also purchased the deep gold, to paint proper shadows). To paint the…

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Trumpeter 2nd Rgt. Lancers of the Guard

This is the last figurine for 2018 and I can say it's been really challenging both from the painting and assembling perspectives. The figurine is a 90mm one and represents a Trumpeter 2nd Rgt. Lancers of the Guard (ref [1]). This is my first figure of this type and as I said it's quite difficult. The first challenge was the face. Sometimes I want to test different brands of colours (I typically use Vallejo and Andrea) and this time I tried the Scale 75 but found they are too sticky for me, so I decided to use oil colours for the first time (I mean, not for the armour as I did in the past). I tried the Oilbrusher by…

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Caporal de Tambour

This is another "tutorial figurine" I decide to paint to make practice. This miniature is part of the Metal Modeles introductory package available here This package is quite nice as it includes some tools to clean up the model parts as well as the colours and paint brushes to paint the figurine. I am not very happy with the final results, but the way to learn is quite long... [ngg src="galleries" ids="23" display="pro_mosaic"]

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