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The Guardian – Final

This is the final post on the project and it's about painting the shield. As I said in the previous post, I decided to stick to the original box art which is very nice and shows the Charlemagne coat of arms. I begun painting the field with two colours, using a desaturated yellow and a desaturated blue which I obtained mixing a grey into the yellow and blue. I created some "effects" to simulate an old shield using a small piece of sponge (the one of the miniature boxes...) which I dipped into the paint, unloaded a bit on a…

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The Guardian – WIP p4

Another quick update, as I completed the sword, again with a mixed technique acrylic and oils. I also slightly retouched the face as I noticed some imperfections, although I am sure there are many others... Anyway, now the main body of the bust is complete and only the shield is missing. The shield is quite large, so creating the proper shades using the brush is a challenge and in my case the coat of arms is the one of Charlemagne so the shield will be split into two parts. We'll see... In the mean time, enjoy the photos in the…

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The Guardian – WIP p3

Easter time quick update, and it's a nice time as I think I learnt a bit more how to use oil colours over acrylic, so I wish to celebrate! I used the oils for the first time with the Trumpeter back in December 2018, but that time I used the "Oil Brush" and I was not pleased with the outcome. Recently I purchased some Abteilung 502 ( colour sets (Flesh, Leather and Wood and Base Color Alteration) and yesterday/today I put them at test. My "Guardian" has a leather bag, probably to keep some coins, so I took the opportunity…

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The Guardian – WIP p2

Ok, here is a small update about my Guardian. In the gallery below you can see the process. I painted the arms, the wristband and the sleeves, then I painted the belts and created lights and shadows of the vest. For the vest I decided to use a lighter colour to give the feeling of a worn out fabric, so I picked the original could and I desaturated them by adding some black first, then some white (ok, basically adding grey...) and after this I applied the lights and shadows. Along the way I also slightly retouched the face and…

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The Guardian – WIP p1

Time for a new WIP (Work In Progress) and this is about the "The Guardian" - Medieval Knight XIII a.C. of BestSoldiers. This is a resin bust whose scale is not reported on the box, but I would say it's 1:10. I really like the overall posture and above all the proud look of the Guardian's face the sculptor has been able to represent. As a medieval knight of the XIII century, I could use any coat of arms of that period, but I decided to stick to the choice of the box art painter Sergey Popovichenko as that's really…

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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p1

New year, new paint work and decided to kick start 2019 with a bust of "La Meridiana Miniatures" named "Uomo d'Arme Sforzesco" ( which represents a man at arms of the Sforza family (Milan, Italy) in the second half of the XV century. The primed bust has been sitting on my desk for a long time, but yesterday I started the paint work starting, as usual, from the face. I used the Andrea acrylic colours from their paint set, starting with the brighter base flesh tone, then I added multiple glazes with brighter and darker colours to create lights and…

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