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Frederick II

This is one of my favorite figurines, and portraits Frederick II of Swabia (,_Holy_Roman_Emperor). This is an old 90mm miniature from Pegaso Models, but this is undoubtedly a classic. I think I improved a bit my technique about painting shades and lights for both white and red hues.

The chain mail is not painted, that is I leveraged on the white metal and oil colours to paint the shadows.

The red cross and the eagle on the shield are bass-relief, so they are easier to paint and the 3D effect is nice. The shadows over the eagle are painted with oil colours.

The gloves have been painted using the Quickshade colours by Army Painter, starting from a beige surface and applying different shades of colours like the Soft and Strong tone. I discovered this is a nice and easy way to paint leather (thanks to Ben Komet for showing this in his video tutorials).

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