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The Guardian – WIP p2

Ok, here is a small update about my Guardian. In the gallery below you can see the process. I painted the arms, the wristband and the sleeves, then I painted the belts and created lights and shadows of the vest. For the vest I decided to use a lighter colour to give the feeling of a worn out fabric, so I picked the original could and I desaturated them by adding some black first, then some white (ok, basically adding grey…) and after this I applied the lights and shadows. Along the way I also slightly retouched the face and the arms. I am discovering that, in general, to make the flesh and other surfaces as most realistic as possible, the key is to create many different imperfections and shades of different colours!. Yes, even for the flesh where you can use reddish, blueish and greenish shades.

The next step is about making the vest dirty, I need to make some experiments first to properly create spurts. I want to try a hard brush with short bristles, let’s see what happens…

After this I’ll paint the leather bag and for this one I want to try some oil colours. Again, another experiment…

See you next time!