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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p1

New year, new paint work and decided to kick start 2019 with a bust of “La Meridiana Miniatures” named “Uomo d’Arme Sforzesco” ( which represents a man at arms of the Sforza family (Milan, Italy) in the second half of the XV century.

The primed bust has been sitting on my desk for a long time, but yesterday I started the paint work starting, as usual, from the face. I used the Andrea acrylic colours from their paint set, starting with the brighter base flesh tone, then I added multiple glazes with brighter and darker colours to create lights and shadows. This time I am particularly pleased of the overall outcome and for this I have to thanks Vince Venturella and his outstanding glazing tutorial available here

The helmet is painted using the fantastic Vallejo Metal Colours (again, thanks to Vince for his review about them) which I discovered are vey easy to work with and create lights and shadows. Visit this link if you want to know more about the available colour range. To simulate the dirty around the edges I have also used oil colours with a mix of black and indigo. I also simulated some scratches using a silver printer’s ink.

To paint the feather I have used the Andrea paint set for red, crating multiple shadows and lights. For the extreme lights I also had to add a bit of yellow and white.

Below you can find a photo gallery with some photos of the process, I hope you will like them

This time I have also recorded a quick video just to get a 360 degree view of the head:

That’s all! The next one will be about the torso which is going to be quite challenging as I want to paint some heraldry and I still have to decide which one…