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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p2

Some progress on painting my man at arms. I painted the torso composed of a bi-colour clothing over an armour and series of belts around the armour.

The armour has been painted using the Vallejo Metal Colour, starting with a Steel base and the lights with steel+silver and just silver for the maximum lights. For the shadows I have used the Magnesium which is very dark.

The cloth is a standard one, I used Andrea Ivory and for the red I used the AK Red Emblem which is a hue I like a lot.

I took some snapshots with my iPad which you can look in the attached gallery.

And now it’s up to the tough part: the heraldry and I eventually decided to use the one in the box art:

To prepare the paintwork, I will first make some practice by drawing the patterns over a sheet of paper, let’s see what happens…