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Uomo d’arme Sforzesco (Man at arms) WIP p3

Ok, I did it! The biggest challenge for this bust was the heraldry.
As I said in a previous post, I decided to replicate the box art which shows a geometric pattern and a sort of shining sun, and this is for both the front and the back of the cloth.

I started with the “simplest”, that is the geometric pattern. I discovered that to paint freehand drawings, especially in surfaces which are not flat, the key is to create some reference points first, then draw a stylised version of the shape and finally adding the details.

Below you can see and example. For the geometric pattern, I first painted some dots (sorry, I tool the pictures with my cell phone…) at equal distances and then is connected them with lines. I used the red colour, but it general the best practice is to use a colour which is only slightly different from the background color, so that fixing possible errors is easier.

As the stylised pattern is , it is just a matter of painting the red parts considering lights and shadows. I didn’t pushed too much the contrast as the cloth does not reflects too much the light.

After the geometric pattern, I painted the “sun”, first on the back (it’s larger) and after in the front. I didn’t take any picture of the process, but in this case, before actually painting the shape on the bust, I did some practice by drawing the shape on a piece of paper using a pencil. I discovered that for complex pattern, this step is very useful as you learn upfront the drawing challenges you will be facing, although painting over a non-flat surface is tougher…

So, after a few hours of painting patterns, lights and shadows, this is the outcome…

The next and final part will be about the halberd. I do not expect any major challenge as it’s about painting a wooden shaft and some metal. The wooden shaft has nicely sculpted wood grains, so it’s not going to be complicated…